Author: Marsha A. Prude Honey Town Collectable Books and products! Welcome to C.C. Bee and Grampa Bumbles HoneyTown! Meet C.C. Bee, Winslow Q. Duck ,Oh and Big Barley the Bear.
Author: Marsha A. PrudeHoney Town Collectable Books and products!                                                    Welcome to C.C. Bee and Grampa Bumbles HoneyTown! Meet C.C. Bee, Winslow Q. Duck ,Oh and Big Barley the Bear.
C.C. Bee and Winslow Duck love to meet new friends,and do events!

Another fun day in Honeytown!

C.C. Bee loves to support Birthday parties!



Fun in Honeytown

C.C. Bee having a good time at the Expo!

Book signing In Honeytown!

Authors Honey town Book signing !





C.C. Bee had a great time at the birthday party,he brought a C.C. Bee book bag and T-shrit with a C.C. Bee book ! C.C. Loves his new friends.Thank you will and his Family for having C.C. Bee at the Burthday party!


Don't for get to buy the second C.C. Bee book ! Check out the onl line book stores! The new book is C.C. Bee and Grampa Bumble Find the Hidden Town Of Beaver Downs!

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Hello everyone look for my short stories on Makayla and phoenix the bear cubs in Bubbles Full of trouble! Fantasy humor! the short story wasn't edited twice because It was my first time on storystar.Now I know how to work the site !
Supporting family's and children! NBA and NCAA Coach Rick Pitino With Author: Marsha A Prude and Pastor Melvin U. Prude Sr.
Author reads to children At school!
These are the C.C. Bee products coming soon ,with The honey town Logo!
   C.C. Bee with Governor Steve Beshear and his Wife Jane Beshear ! And Creative writer Author: Marsha A. Prude at the Kentucky derby Entrepreneur event supporting Family's and Business!
All the honey bees are working for the humans! Grampa can we go to the human world? C.C. no, and don't open that door way with the crystal eye cane! By the way where is my cane C.C.?
This is a light weight C.C. Bee All- in one bag!

DBA:Marsha A. Prude

It's great to enjoy a good story from Honey Town!

Hello; My name is Marsha A. Prude. I live in the Capitol of Kentucky,called Frankfort. I'm the third of four slibings. I'm married to a wonderful husband. we have five adult children. My Husband Melvin U Prude Sr.  is the CEO of Honeytown Products,and Honeytown collectables. We sale T-shirts ,sports bottles, baby items, backpacks, mouse pads and other products. The best product of all is my C.C. Bee books. 


I'm sure you would like to know more about my career; I started writing when I was 18 years old and of course I deviated off the path. years later at the age of 28 I had story time for my children. "Oh  great,"  they would say while  waiting for me to make up a story.  while watching my two year old son Melvin Jr. playing with a feather. "Brain storm" the thought duck came to me, then the thought a bee. That's it mama  C.C. Bee said my nine year old daughter Jocelyn.


 Wow! Now I had a great title. C.C. Bee moves to honey town and the adventures of Grampa Bumble! " Mama what a long title," said my daughter Desiree. "Oh! I like it," I told her. So C.C. Bee was  the title of the story. Ok now to get my book on paper, and to get it published. Then in between children, house cleaning, homework, and my husband I was able to write my book !  From 1988 on up to 2013 I have my third C.C. Bee book almost finished.


I have two books on one is about bullies.It's called Robert Mundy and the omega orb,It's Inspirational. Hope you log onto Storystar and enjoy the short story! The second story is full of humor called Makayla And Phoenix The Bear cubs, In Bubbles Full Of Trouble. These stories are about to be published also. So in the mean time check them out on


Check out C.C. Bee's wonderful products coming soon. C.C. Bee & Grampa Bumble will have a great line of products this year,hope to see you shoping on line in honey town.

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